Did You Know . . .   

  • 34 million+ people are infected with HIV/AIDS, worldwide?
  • 25 million+ have died of this preventable disease since 1981?
  • 1 million+ people are infected right here in the United States?
  • 250,000+ new infections in the United States occur every year?
  • 50,000+ of those people aren't aware they have the disease?
  • Jacksonville, Florida has the 3rd fastest HIV/AIDS infection rate in the country (and slated to become the 2nd)?


We're Inspired to Make a Difference
Get Inspired is a grass roots, Florida Not For Profit organization, founded to shed light on the HIV/AIDS health issue occurring in Jacksonville, Florida. The organization seeks to do this in a socially responsible way conducting community events, offering ready-access to reliable HIV/AIDS resources, and connecting residents in need to AIDS Service Organizations (ASOs).
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HIV/AIDS Awareness Events


Get Inspired 6K
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The Get Inspired 6K run/ event is hosted by Get Inspired, a Florida Not For Profit organization focused on increasing awareness of the HIV/AIDS health issue in Jacksonville, Florida. Net-proceeds from this year's event will be distributed to the Northeast Florida AIDS Network (NFAN), a 501 (C)(3) charitable organization strictly focused on preventing HIV/AIDS, providing care with those impacted by HIV/AIDS, and advocating on behalf of consumers of HIV/AIDS services in Jacksonville, Florida.